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Innotech Interventions aims to translate and commercialise laboratory based innovations ensuring organic growth for a sustainable future.

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Objectives of Innotech Interventions

With the current focus on environmental waste management, alternative sources of energy, bio-based energy and resources, and specialty agriculture products in the northeastern region of India, the key objectives Innotech Interventions are the following:

  1. Provide a platform for translation and application of suitable technologies for commercialization though adaptation and adoption specifically for northeast region of India, with the strategic focus on mitigating the issues of last mile delivery, induction, and extension of the technology applications for social and economic development of the region.

  3. Provide strategic consultancy and training services for demonstration, implementation and applications of suitable technologies from the region or outside, through pilot scale demonstrations and thereby focus on skill and capacity building measures among users and institutions.
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Expertise In

Translation, field implementation and commercialization of technologies

Biological restoration of degraded ecosystem with hazardous contaminants

Technology and resource assessment for conventional and bio-based energy solutions

Fortification of Mushrooms with Vitamin D and functional foods

Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk assessment studies

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