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About Us

Innotech Interventions, a technology startup engages in developing and commercializing innovations as well as providing knowledge-based services on technology development with the aim of meeting societal needs and facilitating sustainable development.

Incorporated under the Companies Act, Government of India, as a Private Limited entity, our company wasinitially conceptualized to cater to the needs and challenges of the Northeast region of India.However,as the company grows we are expanding our technologies and services to regions across India and countries abroad adding value to various communities, engaging with diverse stakeholders and contributing to achieving the Sustainable DevelopmentGoals.

Our current focus is on innovations and technologies related to three sectors: clean technologies, low carbon technologies and agriculture. In the agriculture space we are keen to work with farming communities and farm livelihoods to form mutually beneficial associations. Engaging with the bio-based economy for the development of bio-energy and bio-chemicals is also a core area of work. Presently, Innotech Interventions is pursuing three streams of activity


  1. Environmental waste management as well as ecological restoration of contaminated sites under clean technologies space

  3. Interventions related to alternative and renewable sources of energy

  5. The production and marketing specialty agriculture products and nutraceuticals is key focus area


In these areas our company undertakes

  1. Development and commercialization of novel and patented innovations in ways that are adapted to local contexts
  2. Scale up, field demonstration and implementation of technologies developed by other research institutes and universities including mitigation of issues of last mile delivery
  3. Providing consultancy, capacity building and skill development in the area of technology development, commercializing and management
  4. Knowledge sharing and creation of networks amongst relevant stakeholders in India and abroad for generating opportunities for innovation, business and collaboration


Our Team

Dr Priyangshu Manab Sarma
Founder Director

Dr Sarma is involved with technology development and commercialization of ...Read More

Hamendra Das
Co founder and Director

Served the entire value chain of Petroleum industry from working...Read More

Raj Puri
President, International Operations

Mr. Raj Puri is a 35 years veteran of the Oil & Gas industry. Graduated...Read More

Sabitry C Bordoloi (PhD)
Chief Technical Consultant (Bio-remediation and Biodiversity)

Recently superannuated as Professor and Head, Resource Management...Read More