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Innotech Interventions aims to translate laboratory based innovative technologies for its commercialisation for sustainable and larger societal needs.

Incorporated under the Companies Act, Government of India, as a Private Limited Company this technology start-up was formed with a strategic focus to implement technological projects in Northeast region of India.

We envisage playing the role of technology applicator for innovative concepts developed in the research institutes and universities of the region.

Being a technology a start-up, we also provide a platform for implementation of laboratory based innovations from outside the region, though necessary adaptation so that it can be adopted to meet the societal needs of the region. We work based on our strategic expertise on mitigating the issues of last mile delivery for implementation of technologies in north east India.

Our current focus is on technologies related to environmental waste management, ecological restoration of contaminated sites, alternative and nonconventional sources of energy, and specialty agriculture products that aim in providing holistic economic and environmental solutions as well as organically enhance the livelihood of the people of the region.

We also undertake training and skill development programs, implement environmental impact assessment projects and carry out outreach and networking activities through stakeholders dialogues and workshops with multiple stakeholders.


Objectives of Innotech Interventions:

With the current focus on environmental waste management and ecological restoration, alternative and non-conventional of energy, environmental impact assessment, and specialty agriculture products in the north-eastern region of India, the key objectives Innotech Interventions are the following:

  1. Provide a platform for translation and application of suitable technologies for commercialization though adaptation and adoption specifically for northeast region of India.

  3. Provide a strategic focus on mitigating the issues of last mile delivery for implementing the technology through pilot scale demonstration, and extension of the technology applications for social and economic development of the region.

  5. To create a network of stakeholders from the region with rest of India and overseas, for generating business opportunities for innovative technologies and thereby creating avenues of collaboration for operation and implementation of these concepts in north-eastern India.


Expertise In

Innotech Interventions comprises of a team of technocrats and specialists who have experience and offers diverse expertise across a broad knowledge and skill base in the three specific areas of

  1. Sustainable environmental technologies
  2. Fossil based as well as non conventional alternative resources of energy
  3. Specialty agricultural products

The team has specific expertise in

  1. Translation, field implementation and commercialization of technologies
  2. Biological restoration of degraded ecosystem with hazardous contaminants
  3. Technology and resource assessment for conventional and alternative energy solutions
  4. Fortification of Mushrooms and functional foods
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment and Risk assessment studies

With the current team, Innotech Interventions has the ability to provide services for

  1. Technology Assessment and Pilot Scale Demonstrations
  2. Remediation and Restoration of Contaminated ecosystems
  3. EIA, Risk Assessment and Analytical Services
  4. Consulting, Training and Networking Services


Our Team

Hamendra Das
Chief Executive Officer

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Raj Puri
President, International Operations

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Priyangshu M Sarma (PhD)
Chief Technical Officer

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Sabitry C Bordoloi (PhD)
Chief Technical Consultant (Bio-remediation and Biodiversity)

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Prof K P Bhattarchaya
Chief Technical Consultant (EIA and risk assessment studies)

N K Das
Chief Consultant Strategy

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