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Biological remediation and reclamation of land and water bodies contaminated with toxic hydrocarbons is a well-documented process. Though the science of the process is established and there have been several successful case studies to indicate the efficacy and economic advantage of it over the conventional waste treatment technologies, biological approaches for remediation of environment contaminated with toxic hydrocarbons is still a major challenge...Read more
The region of northeast India is one of the most ecologically sensitive zones of the country. It is also bestowed with fossil energy resources of coal, oil and natural gas. In fact the first oil well as well as the first oil refinery of the country came up in this region way back in 1900s. Since then there have been exploration and production of these fossil based energy resources in this region. The dependence of fossil based energy has also gone up significantly that have also lead to several environmental issues....Read more
Innotech Interventions have the expertise to provide strategic consultancy and training services for demonstration, implementation and applications of suitable technologies from the region or outside, through pilot scale demonstrations and thereby focus on skill and capacity building measured among users and institutions.....Read more
Bio-based economy is an emerging concept. It brings in the applications of biotechnological innovations in the aspects of energy, nutrition, specialty products and also sustainable environmental management, with its role in influencing the economy. In many countries across the globe the role of bio-based economy has taken a center stage for ensuring sustainability......Read more
One of the major trust and objective of Innotech Interventions is to create a network of strategic partners from the region with mainland India and abroad, for generating not only business opportunities for new and innovative technologies but also for creating avenues of research collaboration among the various stakeholders for the three thematic activities of sustainable environmental technologies, alternative and new energy resources and speciality agriculture products....Read more